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Comfortable support for sensitive breasts

5 reasons for choosing bra’s with Carri-Gel inside:

  1. The flexible gel, replacing the traditional metal wire inside the bra, smoothly follows the shape of your breasts, as they grow throughout your pregnancy.
  1. You won’t experience the inconvenience and pain associated with the none-flexible nature of the traditional metal wire solution.
  1. The milk will run freely with little to no obstacles through the milk ducts, reducing the risk of cluttering and inflammation substantially.
  2. Our bra’s with Carri-Gel inside are as a whole designed to support your growing needs in many ways – leaving you feeling both comfortable and good looking throughout your pregnancy period.
  3. Carri-Gel and Carriwell have more than a decade of international experience and success in making Nursing Bras. We always say, “Millions of beautiful women across the globe can’t be wrong!” – and we are sure they aren´t.