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Tips For Pregnant Mums

Is Breastfeeding Going Well?

12 February 2020

Babies are not born with an instruction manual and don’t speak, so mothers wonder constantly if their babies are satisfied. Do we have enough breastmilk? Why is my baby crying now – is he hungry again? Or is something else bothering them?

A group of doctors and lactation consultants from Stanford University put together some questions that will help you determine how breastfeeding is progressing during the first week post-birth. Here is a helpful list that will guide you on this amazing journey:

  • Does your baby have several bowel movements a day that are mustard-colored and seedy?
  • Does your baby produce about 5-7 wet diapers per day?
  • Do your breasts feel full before breastfeeding and lighter afterwards?
  • Do your breasts feel less tender after each breastfeeding session?
  • Does your baby make swallowing sounds while breastfeeding?
  • Does your baby nurse at least 8-12 times throughout the day?
  • Does your baby appear satisfied after nursing?
  • Has your baby started gaining weight?

If you answered “Yes” to all of these questions, you can sleep peacefully.

If you are in doubt about any of the points above, contact your Doctor, Midwife or Lactation consultant.