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We’ve got your back!

Having an achy breaky back is one of the more uncomfortable pregnancy niggles – Carriwell gives the low-down on pregnancy backache, and shares some tips for dealing with it…

Backache is pretty much a normal part of pregnancy. There is an increase in the hormone progesterone, which smooths your muscle fibres and stretches and relaxes ligaments in your back. This is so that your coccyx and pelvis can shift and get into position for delivering the Baby, but it happens long before birth and also affects other areas of your body too, not just your pelvis!

On top of that, you’re carrying around another human being! On average women put on about 12kg during pregnancy, and this has a big impact on your centre of gravity – and your back! Baby can contribute to your backache too, depending on his/her movements and how he/she is positioned. But just because it’s normal, doesn’t mean you have to suffer!

How to EASE the pain

Generally, the healthier you are during pregnancy – and the fitter you were before you fell pregnant, the less physical discomfort you’ll experience. However, pain tolerance varies from woman to woman, and backache can be far worse for some than for others. It’s a good excuse to pay attention to your posture – and to get in some great back massages!

Here are some other ways to help EASE the pain:

  • Exercise regularly, focussing on back-strengthening exercises
  • Alternate periods of rest and movement
  • Support your belly and back with a special pregnancy support belt
  • Ease pain instantly by kneeling on all fours offers temporary but welcome relief

More than a niggle

Sometimes backache is more than just a pregnancy niggle; it can also be a symptom of something a bit more serious.

Take note that backache:

  • During early pregnancy should be seen to immediately if it is accompanied by cramps or you bleed vaginally
  • During mid-pregnancy can indicate bladder and kidney infections, if you have other symptoms like burning, and strong-smelling urine
  • During late pregnancy can indicate that labour is beginning, so look out for the other symptoms

We support you!

Carriwell doesn’t want backache to overshadow the thrill of your pregnancy, which is why we provide the support you need with our range Support Belts, providing immediate and lasting relief for pregnancy-induced backache by:

  • Applying counter pressure to your lower back
  • Gently lifting your tummy to relieve downward pressure
  • Supporting your hips and improving your posture

Carriwell Support Belts and bands are adjustable, so they grow with you; fitting your unique size and support needs – and are easy to put on and adjust.

The broad elastic, and soft, breathable microfiber, offers extreme comfort too.

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