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Maternity Bra

Maternity Bra

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A woman’s breasts are very sensitive while they undergo vast changes during pregnancy. The Carriwell Maternity Bra helps expectant moms feel comfortable and relaxed with their changing bodies; this bra has been especially designed for the needs of mums to be, i.e. to be comfortable, flexible, supportive and functional.

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Giving expectant Mums comfort during a sensitive time

  • Flexible: The soft flexible material expands and supports your breasts during your pregnancy.  Just one bra will expand to fit you in all 3 trimesters.
  • Comfortable: The extra smooth breathable material is soft to the touch and ideal for sensitive breasts.
  • Supportive: The extra wide shoulder straps and back panel both support and reduce any pressure on the breasts.
  • Recommended: A soft cup style in seamless bras is highly recommended by lactation consultants for use during pregnancy. Read report.
1 Bra
87% Polyamide
13% Elastane
Weight.30 kg
Dimensions14 × 3 × 20 cm

Black, White


M, L, XL

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