As early as 6 weeks into pregnancy; your breasts will start to become larger in preparation for nursing and from around 12 weeks, your rib cage will expand increasing your chest band size. On average, most women will increase one or two cup sizes and at least 1 chest band size. Flexibility and adjustability are therefore key elements in maternity and nursing bra design.

Support and comfort go hand in hand. The primary areas of support are construction of the cup, shoulder straps and chest band. Wide shoulder straps and chest bands should have minimum elasticity and the cups should be flexible and non-rigid i.e. allowing breast to “grow” yet still maintain support.

Under wire bras are not recommended by many lactation specialists as these can lead to breast infections and in some cases mastitis.That is why Carriwell has developed as part of the “New Mum” range a unique Nursing bra with Carri-Gel support. This nursing bra has a patented Gel that gives soft comfortable support under your sensitive breasts at the time in your life when you need it most.

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